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Cemetery: Eldoret Club


Longititude & Latitude

Long., Lat.: 3517'39.73"E, 030'03.67"N


Address 1: P O Box 78
Country: Kenya


Notes: Fred Vincent occupied Farm 63 which was next to "Farm 64", the farm which ultimately became Eldoret town. The brothers were buried on their land which in due course became part of that land now occupied by the Eldoret Club. The graves are adjacent to the 8th tee on the golf course

Other Notes: According to an account in " "64" Eldoret, Yesteryear", written by Rosemary Blanche, Harry was shot by his brother Frederick during a domestic argument. Frederick himself later died as a result of being struck by lightening.

Location: The club is situated on Nandi Road (off the Eldoret-Nairobi highway) opposite the Hospice and just 6km from the Eldoret Central Business District. It is a private members club so permission should be sought before visiting these graves.


Vincent Graves 007.jpg
Photographs by Dave Lichtenstein 2006 - 2011

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