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Cemetery: Kisumu Cemetery


Longititude & Latitude

Long., Lat.: 3444'22.84"E, 004'56.85"S


City, : Kisumu
Country: Kenya

Notes (Sorry no Photographs of this cemetery at the moment!)

Notes: All of the information I have for this cemetery comes from headstone inscriptions. The earliest burial I have identified is 1906 but it is likely there are earlier ones in unmarked graves. There are a number of war graves from the First World War in this cemetery including several German soldiers. Next to this cemetery is an enclosed cemetery of the CWGC which contains burials from the Second World War. I have not included them here but do have photographs of most of the headstones if anyone requires one.

Location: The cemetery is on the north-western side of the town on the road to the Busia border post with Uganda. The dirt road to the cemetery is to the left (west) of the road out of Kisumu about 300 metres past the turning to Kisumu airport. There should be a sign post on the main road pointing to the CWGC Cemetery.


Photographs by Bob Barnes 2006 - 2011

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