Shela Cemetery Lamu

Shela Cemetery


This is another cemetery I have not visited. All pictures were kindly supplied by Glen Smith.

There are several unmarked graves with no information available as to who is buried there.The following people are reported to have died in Lamu so may or may not occupy some of the unmarked graves.

DUNN, James B died 14 May 1894 Drowned

NILSON, Augusta Miss died 17 Feb 1894 Malaria

PETERS, Benjamin Fulgenico died 15 Dec 1900 Fever

TIEDE, Richard died 17 Mar 1905 Dysentry

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VIEW DEDIEU  Marie  1945  2011 
VIEW FEGAN  George  1921  2007 
VIEW KORSCHEN  Aage  25 Mar 1921  23 May 1976 
VIEW KORSCHEN  Wera  29 Jan 1923  23 Apr 2008 
VIEW PINK  Gerald John  1905  5 Mar 1965 
VIEW RAE  Thomas Moir    29 Aug 1893 
VIEW SANDYS  J Stuart    31 Aug 1889 
VIEW SPOERRY  Anne  13 May 1918  2 Feb 1999 
VIEW THORP  Brian  30 Jan 1931  10 Apr 2008 

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