St George's Cemetery

I first visited this cemetery before I had a digital camera and recorded all headstones I could find by hand. Several years later I returned with a camera and photographed as many headstones as I could but unfortunately my camera malfunctioned and only half my images were recorded.

At that time the council were in-filling with burials between existing graves. This was being done with little concern for damage to existing gravestones. Subsequently I understand that the CWGC moved all war graves to the War Cemetery further along the road. As a result, any war graves listed here may no longer be found at this location.

Recently David Reeve visited the cemetery and was able to send me photographs of as many headstones as he could find. Sadly, the cemetery is now in a serious state of neglect and in desperate need of some TLC.

The information here is a combination of my original notes together with data taken from a copy of a cemetery plan (kindly obtained for me by Robin Schalch) last updated in the early 1960ís. The plan only gives names which will account for the lack of information on some entries.

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Photographs by Robert Barnes and David Reeve

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