Italian Memorial Church
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Cemetery: Italian Memorial Church


Longititude & Latitude

Long., Lat.: 36.55.53 E, 0.25.00S


Country: Kenya
Township, Nyeri


Directions: When travelling out of Nyeri town towards Kiganjo take the left turn towards the Aberdare Country Club. After 200 yards take the first left turn. The church is just over 1K on the right.

Notes: The printed list of names available at the church states a total number  of 700. After transcribing the list I only have a total number of names at 624. However, I managed to take just over 20 photographs during my visit and when matching photographs with names found I had 2 plaques not included on the list. It is possible that other names may be missing.

Other Notes: All of the memorials relate to those that died during the Second World War or shortly after.

Ownership: Missione Della Consolata


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