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Cemetery: Grave Island


Longititude & Latitude

Long., Lat.: 39 11' 29.18" , 6 7' 35.79" S


Address 1: Chapwani Island
Address 2: Zanzibar
Country: Tanzania


Notes: Grave Island, or to use its correct name Chapwani Island, is situated a few kilometers offshore between Zanzibar town and Chunguu (Prison Island).

Other Notes: The earliest burial is that of Francis Peters dated 21st Nov 1847 although most burials date from the 1870's. Primarily used for the burial of British sailors there are some civilans together with some French and German nationals. At the rear of the main cemetery is the CWGC memorial and graves for those sailors lost when H.M.S. Pegasus was sunk by S.M.S Konigsberg on 20 September 1914 in Zanzibar Harbour

Appreciation: Thanks to Stephen North and Kevin Patience for additional information provided.


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Chapwani 135.JPG
Photographs by Bob Barnes 2006-2010

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