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Cemetery: Nairobi South Cemetery


Longititude & Latitude

E 036.49.382, S 01.17.972


City, Nairobi, ,
Country: Kenya


Notes: The cemetery is situated a few kilometers from the city centre on the Uhuru Highway and Bunyala Road roundabout. The cemetery has three sections. The war cemetery, a Jewish cemetery and a general cemetery. The cemetery was first used in 1900 and the last burials were around 1920 except for the Jewish section which was in use until the early 1950's

Other Notes: In September 2009 the cemetery was given protected status as a site of historic interest.

Ownership: Nairobi City Council


Nairobi South War1.jpg
NbiSouth 2dec 225.jpg
Photographs by Bob Barnes 2006-2010

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