Nairobi South Cemetery

The cemetery was originally established and managed by the Uganda Railway Authority.  It was later taken over by Nairobi City Council and a register was compiled by W Ridout who was City Engineer from around 1912. Due to lack of early records he has listed 26 graves as unidentified. These graves range from 1900 to 1907.

Records of birth, marriages and deaths were not officially collated until around 1904 so information on deaths before then are limited to newspaper reports or mentions in other official documents. Various searches have come up with the following names of those who died in the Nairobi area between 1900 and 1907 and it is possible, but by no means certain that they are buried here.

HUNT, Charles Frederick Died: 23 Feb 1900
LAKE, Charles M Died: 25 May 1900 (Uganda Railway)

STONE, ? Died 12 Jan 1901
PATERSON, James Died: 27 Feb 1901 (Uganda Railway)
MANEY, D R Died 28 May 1901 (Uganda Railway)
COCKBURN, Augustus Elliot Died: 11 Aug 1901 (Uganda Railway)
LEES, John E Died: 9 Oct 1901 (Uganda Railway)

FINDLAY, George Frederick Died: 13 Mar 1905
BARTHOLOMEW, Clara (Clarisse?) Died: 23 April 1905
ADAMS, William Albert Died: 12 Aug 1905
KRIEGER, Dorothy M Died: 10 Nov 1905 aged 3
KIRKMAN, E S Died: 10 Oct 1905

SKELLORN, Mary  Died: 16 Jan 1906
SCOTT, John Died: 6 Dec 1906