Mbaraki Cemetery, Mombasa

This entry is now a complete record of all names in the register. Having made a second visit to the cemetery there are additional photographs for around 30 more graves.

From March 1957 the register stopped recording the date of death and only gave the date of burial. I have therefore indicated a month and year of death estimated from the date of burial for entries after this date.

WW II war graves were not recorded in the register, although WW I graves were, and so they are not been included in this index. If you need information on the WW II graves please refer to the CWGC web site. I have however included WWII burials if the casualty clearly originated from East Africa or was enlisted in the East African Forces.

This register is unusual in that for many entries the cause of death is recorded. I have not included this information but if you wish to know if the cause of death is recorded for anyone in this list please feel free to contact me.